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Virtual movie + small group discussion around race customized for any type of group, organization, or institution.

Over the past few years, Now and Zen has had the privilege of lending our expertise to a new realm of events – intimate facilitated workshops within the diversity & inclusion space. With 20 years of experience in 1:1 speech coaching, cultivating lasting interpersonal relationships, and navigating the corporate world as a Black women-owned business, the expansion occurred organically as our clients recognized the unique perspective Now and Zen could bring.

To date, we have planned, produced, and facilitated in-person and virtual small-group sessions for over 800 people. Every workshop is thoughtfully facilitated, pushing participants to answer thought-provoking questions around racial topics such as apathy, ignorance, education, and personal responsibility. The result is a robust conversation in which every participant gets to share their story as well as challenge themselves to take courageous and authentic action towards a better world and workplace.


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