The Components of a Successful Team

As an event management and production company, Now & Zen is often responsible for leading and managing diverse groups of people on a project. When in this position, it’s our objective to bring all parties together and build the most effective team possible.

Here are a few fundamentals we feel are necessary to create a team that works well together and achieves high quality results.


This is the foundation of every successful team. At Now & Zen, we constantly strive to cultivate, earn, and build trust in our professional relationships. What exactly does that look like? It’s following through with our commitments; communicating openly and honestly; listening; supporting and helping each other; taking responsibility; sharing information and ideas . . . It’s in these seemingly small moments that trust is built and maintained.

Clear Direction & Goals

Effective teams have a deep understanding of project goals and know how success will be defined. To achieve this awareness amongst a team, it’s essential to begin with the end in mind. We start with the human first point of view – the emotional or subliminal goals. We ask, “What do we want to accomplish? How do we want the audience to walk away feeling? And what do we need to do to get there?” We then move on to the practical goal and ask, “What is the reason behind this project?” After those questions have been answered, we make sure the entire team is aligned on the aims and objectives of the project. With this clear direction, we can create a show that connects to the audience and resonates for them.

Well-defined Roles & Responsibilities

One of our first steps on a project is working with key stakeholders to establish roles and responsibilities. This exercise ensures all team members know what they’re responsible for and how their part supports the team. By having clarity around roles, team members are able to focus more on job specific tasks and thereby work more efficiently. Increased productivity follows.

Constructive Communication & Feedback

Communication is the thread that connects all individuals and elements on a high performing team. One of our core strengths at Now & Zen is ensuring communication among stakeholders is open, focused, timely and comprehensive. But this is only part of the communication picture. Another piece is honest, constructive, and engaged feedback.

Author and thought leader, Brene Brown, highlights in her book Daring Greatly that valuable feedback is a key driver of growth and engagement. Brown says, “Without [it] there can be no transformational change.” Teams rely on feedback to assess progress and make improvements. Feedback is therefore essential for moving people and processes forward to achieve a common goal.1

Culture of Teamwork

In order for a team to be successful, great teamwork must be present. Teams thrive in an environment where working together is supported, encouraged, and celebrated.  At Now & Zen, we emphasize collaboration and cooperation in every aspect of our business. In doing so, we perpetuate a culture of teamwork. Team members feel appreciated and know their role is vital to the outcome of an event. They are able to look beyond their own positions to understand and respect the unique contributions of each member. Trust is built and people act with the best interest of the team in mind. Synergy is realized and results are delivered. Everyone wins.

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