The Anatomy of Trust

In an effort to regroup and begin the New Year with our best foot forward, Now and Zen’s core team participated in Brené Brown’s course “The Anatomy of Trust.” The course aims to demystify the concept of trust and create an understanding of what it is, how it works, and how to talk about the defined elements of trust in a powerful and productive way.[1]

The Now and Zen team was able to reflect on how trust plays a part in our production process, share strengths and weaknesses with each other when it comes to trust, and brainstorm practical ways to improve individual and team trust within the company for the upcoming year.

 Although trust is a concept that can be difficult to define, it’s an essential component in creating a successful working environment. From working collaboratively with internal teams to developing relationships with clients and vendors, trust plays a role in all aspects of professional relationships.

According to a study by the Human Capital Institute on trust in the workforce, teams that trust each other outperform teams that don’t. This productivity is often a result of high levels of employee engagement. “Employees will stay at an organization longer and be more engaged when there is a high degree of trust. These high trust organizations earn loyalty from all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, and investors.”[2]

[1] Brené Brown, “The Anatomy of Trust,” (January, 2016). [2] Jenny Dearborn, “Does Trust In The Workplace Matter?,” (July 9, 2014).

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