How We Do It Better

Though each event we take on is unique, with it’s own set of goals and challenges, we have found that creating a structure for the production process is vital in carrying out a successful event.

The Now and Zen System of Execution

Listen & Learn

Determine the goals, strategy, and parameters for the event. Some questions we ask during this initial stage include: Who is your audience? What is the budget? What do you want to accomplish by putting on this event? What do you want your audience to take away from this experience?

Research & Make Decisions

Provide the elements that will achieve your desired outcomes.

Well-defined Roles & Responsibilities

One of our first steps on a project is working with key stakeholders to establish roles and responsibilities. This exercise ensures all team members know what they’re responsible for and how their part supports the team. By having clarity around roles, team members are able to focus more on job specific tasks and thereby work more efficiently. Increased productivity follows.

Put Together Our Team

We tailor our expertise to your needs.

Conduct Site Survey

Gather operational, technical, and aesthetic information, create an optimal show flow for the event, and address any logistical limitations.

Document & Share

Ensure everyone involved is on the same page regarding budget, plans, schedules, and other expectations for the event.

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